Reforest'Action Parternship

The partnership between Reforest’Action and Speaker4Earth is renewed ! Reforest’Action plants trees all around the world by building strong relationships with local associations.

How does the partnership work ?

The Speakers For Earth finance the plantation of trees through international agroforestry projects conducted by local associations. The purpose of these projects is to strenghten local agriculture and raise awareness among local populations on climate change and deforestation.

The Haïti project

The speakers' trees are currently planted in Haïti in the Lavial valley by a local association called Organisation des Jeunes Universitaires de Carrefour pour l’Avancement d’Haïti (OJUCAH) as part of a project meant to tackle deforestation, soil and biodiversity erosion. The trees give cashew nuts which are a very important product for the local economy and insure local long-term resilience for the populations.

Therefore, the Speakers For Earth's commitment is global : planting trees has a double impact and is an action that helps both the Earth and Humanity's wellfare.

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All together, the speakers already planted almost 16 000 trees in one year and the community is welcoming new comers every week !

The Speaker4Earth team.

Speaker4Earth is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to fight climate change by federating world-wide committed speakers who want to inspire the world and plant millions of trees.

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