News of the week

Last week, two new speakers have joined the Speaker4Earth community!

Emmanuelle Duez and Alex Jubien are now part of the Speaker4Earth family and will start planting trees each month to enable us to tackle climate change together. We are happy to see that issues such as deforestation and climate change are becoming more widely recognised throughout society, and in particular, are being highlighted by our speakers from all around the world. Increasingly, presenters and speakers are realising the enormous power of influence they have, and are using it to raise awareness of the crisis that is facing our planet. We believe that our growing community of inspiring speakers, who are responsible for planting thousands of trees each month, has the power to save our planet and ensure that it is livable for many years to come.

Become the next speaker for earth by joining the community !

Speaker4Earth is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to fight climate change by federating world-wide committed speakers who want to inspire the world and plant millions of trees.

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