They support our action because we share the same vision :

deforestation is a burden we need to get rid of. Together, we will plant trees, inspire each other and make our planet livable again.


BrainsWatt is an innovation studio created in 2014 by Nicolas Beretti.

Its approach is based on the 3 pillars of innovation inspiration, ideation and experimentation. Through these 3 pillars, Brainswatt helps large organizations work on incremental innovation (through improvements of current products and services). Its goal is to help these organizations understand better our constantly moving world to act on it and be part of its changes."


VivaVox is an innovative speaker plateform created by Fabien Jeanne in 2018. 

His goal is to provide the speakers a showcase and enable companies that organise events to choose freely the most suitable experts according to their current needs thanks to a one of a kind and fun selection process from which they can rely on ratings, comments and clients recommendations in order to make their choice. 

Speaker4Earth is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to fight climate change by federating world-wide committed speakers who want to inspire the world and plant millions of trees.

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